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Why You Should Avoid Cannabis during Pregnancy

Get to Know It 

The term Cannabis refers to a collective group of plants, which exhibits psychoactive properties. These three plants are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica. 

Cannabis flowers are harvested then dried to come up with this world’s popular drug. This drug is branded several names across the world. Some of the names include weed, marijuana and pot. 

In most cases, marijuana is consumed to make the body feel relaxed and calm. In some countries, this drug is legally prescribed to aid in some medical conditions like glaucoma, chronic pain and poor appetite. 

However, using cannabis drug, especially during pregnancy may affect your baby’s growth and development. Chemicals found in marijuana drug pass through mother’s system, and can cause harm to your baby directly. 

Besides, researchers are still going through sleepless nights to get better information on the effects of marijuana to the mother, and her baby. But it is recommended to stay away from marijuana during pregnancy 

Effects of Cannabis on the Baby 

Some researchers argue that using cannabis during pregnancy may cause health problems to newly born babies. For example, low birth weight. 

A pregnant mother smoking marijuana risks the child’s life. Marijuana contains harmful chemicals like tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which may cause baby’s underdevelopment.  

Also, a good number of researchers explains that, expectant mother taking this drug may give birth to slow learning child. And this may only be noticeable later as the child ages. 

Chemicals like THC may be passed to your baby during breastfeeding. Still, your baby could be exposed to the effects of this drug even after you stop taking the drug. This is because THC chemical is stored in fat and is released slowly time by time. 

The child’s health may also deteriorate if the mother using the drug is careless. Cannabis may affect her ability to care for her baby properly. 


Effects of Cannabis in Pregnant Mother 

Marijuana has various effects on human health, both beneficial and negative. In points, let’s take a look. 

Desirable short-term effects: 

  • Giddiness 
  • Relaxation 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Focus and creativity 
  • Experiencing things more intensively e.g. light and sound 
  • Change in the perception of events and time. 


Problematic short-term effects: 

  • Nausea 
  • Anxiety 
  • Coordination problems 
  • Lethargy 
  • Delayed time of reaction  
  • Reduced blood pressure 
  • Raised heart rate 
  • Paranoia 

These short-term effects are common in products containing high levels of THC than CBD. Listed effects can also vary depending on the mode of consumption. 


Long-term effects: 

  • Slow brain development especially when people start using the drug during the early stages of life. 
  • Dependence on drug (Addiction) 
  • Respiratory problems, especially for smokers 


Conclusively, there is no safe level known of cannabis drug to pregnant or lactating mothers. To protect babies’ lives, expectant and breastfeeding women are advised to fully abstain from this drug. 

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Medical Marijuana for anxiety

Marijuana is has been used medically and recreationally for long periods of time. Currently in some states in the US, the use of marijuana has been legalized This has mostly been for medical reasons. 

The science community groups medical marijuana into two strains that show different healing effects for different symptoms. They are: 

Cannabis Indica- Which is helps improve sleep and muscle relaxation. It also deals with anxiety and chronic pain 

Cannabis Sativa- Helps with fatigue, depression and many other similar conditions 

The brain and nervous system contains many receptors for what are known as cannabinoids. These form a part of a network that medics call the endogenous cannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS facilitates and maintains many functions in the body. These functions include eating, sleeping, relaxing, eliminating painful memories, regulating pain and sleep-wake cycles. 

Types of Cannabinoid receptors 

The Cannabinoid receptors are of different types. They perform various functions and respond differently. Although they are many, there are two major types of Cannabinoid receptors known commonly as CB1 and CB2. 

CB1 receptors are very abundant and are located throughout your nervous system. They help modulate mood, behavior, energy usage, heart functions and sexual functions among others. 

CB2 receptors are centred on the immune system and its organs. They are key in managing inflammation and immune responses.  

When consumed Cannabinoids attach to the receptors in a process of binding. This then stimulates the ECS to adjust and regulate various functions of the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. CB1 activation, for example, reduces the effects of calcium and enhances the effects of potassium which then helps control the release of various brain chemicals. 


The Cannabis plant contains different kinds of chemical substances that have pharmacological and psychological effects, known as Cannabinoids. The two best-known are THC and CBD. 

THC is present in varying quantities in a Cannabis plant. It is activated when heated to temperatures greater than 120 degrees centigrade. THC binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. It is however not limited to the Cannabinoid receptors. It also binds to Serotonin and, NMDA and Dopamine receptors. 

CBD also has immune-manipulating properties but does not have any psychoactive effects. It helps with chronic pain, anxiety, seizures and can prevent brain damage. This is what has been proposed as a means of healing anxiety. The ability of CBD to reduce stress on the nervous and hormonal systems without any psychoactive drawbacks is what makes it a great candidate for treatment of anxiety and depression. 

Currently new strains of cannabis are being researched and developed to have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. This aims to maximize the therapeutic properties while minimizing the psychoactive effects. 

Along with its healing effects, medical cannabis is extremely safe, with very few side effects. These few side effects can be managed by selecting agents that have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. There are no known true toxic effects of medical cannabis.  

In conclusion the risk/benefit ratio is in favor of medical conditions that are medically accepted. 

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Major Benefits of Burlington Physios

Meta description: In order to foster a stable and secure intimate relationship between partners, regard couples counselling as the main core factor. Many cases when individuals approach a relationship difference end up causing harm. To curb this, couples should seek professional mediation. Therefore, enabling them to interact with practitioners whereby they disclose their feelings and thoughts in attempt of reorienting their relationship. In some cases, the counsellor meets the different parties separately to evaluate their type of Kinetic  physiotherapy and sports medicine. This helps to avoid conflicts of interests.

Is your marriage at the verge of a separation or divorce? Here are some of the benefits of couples counselling to help you save your relationship:

Helps Promote Positive Sexual Growth

Topic about sex is a specialized therapy on its own, designed to assist couples to have a satisfying and pleasurable sex life. In this therapy, it includes promoting a positive physical and emotional intimacy which is essential for the well-being of a person. Through sex therapy, you learn to express your sexual needs as well as understand your partners. This means during intimacy partners should slow down and be mindful of what they and their partner feels. Concerns involving deep assessments such as not reaching orgasm, erectile dysfunction and dyspareunia require couples to feel comfortable and open up. Effective sex therapy involves trust and good communication.

Educates on Better Conflict Resolution

Couples counselling equips you with better communication skills. Therefore, you are able to voice your concerns and also keep in mind your partner’s point of view. Arguments maybe about family planning, whether to have children or not, how to share expenses and what to invest on. For most, this differences weakens their relationship. Having a platform to tackle these issues in a confidential setting helps to elevate their relationship. It is through counselling that you highlight existing differences and hence learn new approaches to each conflict.

Promote Self-Growth and Self-Awareness

When other areas of personal life are transformed, so is the situation in a marriage/relationship. Are you looking to gain insight as to who you are, how to choose a partner and whether or not to get married? Most people are confused about whether they need to stay in a relationship. In couples counselling, therapists act as a recipe to reinvigorate your desires. They encourage one to go out on dates. Expose themselves to relationship for the sake of self-awareness. As a result, most end up lighting a spark of knowledge of who they are and what they need.

Helps Dealing With Divorce and Separation

Commitments arise as one of the most problematic cases in relationships. With personal interests, fear/doubt and concerns, it gets hard to remain committed. Some couples results to cheating or betraying their vows. In such cases, mediation to save a relationship might not be applicable therefore, divorce becomes a suitable solution. The counsellor henceforth, focuses on strengthening the abilities of involved individual. He/she encourages one to become mindful of themselves, focus on self-love and growth.

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Cannabis Indica Strains Used Medically

Cannabis Indica origin is the mountains of Asia i.e., regions like the Hindu Kush mountain range, which lies on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Cannabis Indica contains a large number of compounds which affect both the body and mind when consumed. Doctors and scientists around the world have studied the effects caused by these compounds in the human body. Some of the effects exploited by doctors include: promoting sleep, stress and anxiety reliever, relaxes muscles, reduces seizures, and decrease inflammation and pain. 


The White Rhino. As the name suggests, this strain is hard to come by and is quite expensive. It is a hybrid of the Afghan Kush and White Widow. The White Rhino is a high yielding pure Indica with fantastic bud quality due to its Afghan genetics. The Afghan genetics also improve heartiness and mold resistance while slightly shortening the flowering time. This strain is a great tranquilizer and relaxant. When used, it gives a euphoric high and a happy haze. It is an effective painkiller prescribed to diminish pain from muscle spasms, migraines, toothaches, menstrual pains, and joint pains. Being a heavy body Indica, the strain is also used for insomniacs and the depressed. It has also proven useful to cancer patients concerning their appetite. Despite its potency, this strain has a few adverse reactions. It may trigger dizziness, dehydration, dry mouth, and paranoia if misused. 


Another smooth strain is Berry White. It is also referred to as White Berry or Blue Widow. This strain is known for carrying the best of both worlds. This Blueberry and White Widow offspring will make you feel happy and uplifted while bringing out your inner creativity and inspiration. This sweet berry-flavored strain is thoroughly relaxing and refreshing, making you feel light, happy, warm, and will have you singing to your favorite tunes. It is an effective mood lifter and is perfect for those seeking a goodnight’s sleep. Due to its relaxing effects, Berry White is quite common among medical cannabis doctors and patients. This strain has been known to help in the treatment of stress, mood disorders, and elimination of anxiety and depression. This Indica-dominant strain is an effective painkiller and is also used by insomniacs for its strong tranquilizing abilities. 


The crossbreeding of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan bore the Purple Kush strain buy weed on web Its popularity comes from its long-lasting euphoria that blankets the mind while relaxing the body and getting rid of sleeplessness and stress. This strain is quite potent and can produce effects that may last for hours. Newbies should be careful using it as a little dose can go a long way. It leaves one feeling happily sedated with joyous thoughts and encourages one to clear their head and succumb to restful sleep. Like Berry White and White Rhino, this strain is used to treat and relax patients dealing with insomnia, loss of appetite, especially cancer patients, those suffering from depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, migraines, and aches. Purple Kush is the best choice for everyday smoking, but it may have side effects, including dizziness, headaches, paranoia, and dry mouth and eyes if consumed in large quantities. 


Other Indica strains commonly used medically include Northern Light, Blue Dreams, Crimea Blue, Mazar, A-Train, G-13 haze, among others. One’s 

The Process of Purchasing Cannabis in the USA

Cannabis is a plant which is grown especially for its flowers and leaves. It is regarded to have high potentially for abuse ; hence not legally sold in any states in America. It is legalized for its

recreational use and when recommended by a medical practitioner.In the United States of America, it is sold in shops or through online directories in the recreational states. For one to purchase marijuana in the United States of America,they must follow a certain formal procedure. The process involves the following steps

Finding a dispensary for marijuana

This is a stocking area for bhang where customers can access it easily. These places of dispensing cannabis are normally found in recreational states. These are states that sell narcotic drugs that are used only occasionally, and that are claimed to be non-addictive. One will purpose to look for a recreational dispensary selling the best cannabis. They can be shops nearby, or online ones.

What you need

Anyone who wants to buy bhang should be twenty-one(21) years of age and above. This can be proved through personal credentials like identity cards, passports or birth certificates. One must also have sufficient money to purchase the drug.

Means of delivery

This entails different ways in which the drug will reach the users. This could be through online deliveries or use of transport facilities like cars and pick-ups. Online delivery applies to people who buy cannabis online One can also opt for personal delivery through making a call, in which case the person making the delivery is the one to collect the cash.

What product to buy

people has varied tastes and preferences. There are those who will want to buy the flowers and use them to roll a blunt, others will opt to purchase the extracts like oils. Another category of people will also go for edibles and beverages in which the drug is applied in them. Componies will produce goods under high techniques ranging from cookies to ice creams which have marijuana as a component. Other people apply body lotions, massaging oils, skin like balms and even patches.

Visit the shop

After making up one’s mind on what to purchase, the last step is to go to the shop and get the drug instantly. This is done on one-on-one basis where the buyer communicates directly with the seller

Request for delivery

Once a person has purchased marijuana either from a nearby shop or online, the next thing is to inquire for the delivery of the drug. This is in line with the method of buying. Every seller will apply their ways of delivery.

Every person has to follow all the steps to make a successful purchase buy weed online from Green Society This also helps one to minimize inconveniences caused by lack of identified procedures. Since different people access cannabis differently, this process will ensure that every person known as the channels to follow depending on their mode of acquisition.

Things to be Addressed in Preparation to Opioid Detox Process

Change management may be challenging to most of the individuals who are intending to undergo the Opioid Detox process. The change requires an individual to give up on the drug lifestyle and adopt life without the usage of illicit substances. The individuals who are meant to undergo the Opioid Detox process are ensured of a better lifestyle. Drug misuse has a lot of challenges, such as memory loss, poor physical appearance, as well as poor time management. The individuals who are engaged in drugs might also end up losing good jobs due to poor performance caused by drug addiction The Opioid Detox process is established by the professional health care professionals who have sufficient knowledge on how the people who are misusing the illicit substances can survive without drugs or reduce consumption. In order to undertake the detoxification process, an individual must be well convinced in order for the process to give effective end results. It is the duty of professional Opioid Detox service lenders to ensure that the following things are well addressed before and during the preparation of Opioid Detox services provision: 

Survival strategies- service users, may face a lot of difficulties when trying to adopt life without drug usage, which has previously been their habit. The professional health care providers should ensure that the drug addicts are well equipped with the coping skills, which will help them to survive in the Opioid detox environment, which may be very harsh for them at the beginning. As a service lender, if you fail to provide proper guidance to the service users, most of the affected persons may end up quitting the detoxification process.   

Personal Motivation program- the professional detoxification service providers should ensure that the service users are well taken care of and are treated like any other person. Proper management and handling of the drug addict personnel enables them to have a sense of belonging. Having a belonging social sense allows service users to get motivated and cooperate well during the Opioid Detoxification process. 

Positive outcomes assurance- the professional Opioid Detox service providers have a liability to assure the service users of a good life after the detoxification process. Reliable assurance enables individuals who are highly addicted to drugs to have high self-esteem and confidence when facing the detoxification process. 

Supportive network- when the individuals who have been consuming illicit substances are undergoing the Opioid Detox process, they require a very supportive network from the professional service lenders, family, and friends. The involved party should not be in any position to judge the negative lifestyle of the addicted person. Instead, they should be part of the detoxification process encouragement. 

how long does methadone stay in your system In conclusion, the program set for the drug addict individuals should be clear and concise to ensure proper understanding of all the Opioid Detoxification requirements at ease. 


Top Tips on Cannabis Vodka – A New Brand Consisting a Cannabis Kick

It only took some more time before some individuals came up with an idea of mixing cannabis with Vodka drink. The result is the newest drink, which is currently trending and can be found in bars as well as clubs in the West. Many people always enjoy mixing the stems as well as seeds of the hemp plant with several recipes, which include tea and brownies. Now, you can as well enjoy a perfect Vodka with herbal aftertaste in your house www kush oil dot com 

This kind of drink is quite rare to find since it is only found in a few stores across the globe. You are recommended to ensure that you purchase an authentic cannabis Vodka, which is not homemade. Many people enjoy preparing their own brand by using stems as well as the seeds though it usually takes a lot of time. In fact, you can find the real stuff on the internet on a site named Absinthe Liquor Supplies. 

This kind of Vodka drink consists of very easy and simple ingredients. Normally, the blend is about forty percent alcohol, water, and sugar. Then it is sealed after adding some seeds of marijuana In addition, the seeds are normally known as Beniko species. Every one of these seeds comprises very little amounts of THC, which are usually released into the drink. 

Currently, you might be having numerous questions running in your mind, such as whether the drink is legal or not. On this, you are advised that there is no harm in purchasing and drinking Cannabis Vodka since it is legalized and can be used in numerous countries apart from Australia. You are recommended to feel free on the issue of buying this drink and have it shipped to any place or country across the entire world. 
Cannabis access has been made quite easier with its legalization for medical use in over twenty-nine states as well as for recreational use in about eight countries. Pot farms are springing up in every region, not forgetting nearby desert towns. 

Mixing it with different substances can be quite dangerous to some adults, especially the elderly, since it can lead to chronic illnesses. Normally, this drink can intensify symptoms as well as interact with some other prescribed medication. 

In case you are in seek of something new, you are recommended to take feel free to consider cannabis Vodka. In addition, if you are tired of taking a regular Vodka drink, you can try out Cannabis flavored Vodka, which will take your drinking buzz to a higher level. Recently, it has become popular in most bars as well as clubs and can even be ordered privately so that you can take it from your own house. 

Key considerations before using any top indica strains for 2020

Typically, the use of marijuana or top indica strains for 2020 may be considered to be risky towards the health of the user whereas it is also illegal in many cities in the world. Currently, medical marijuana has been legalized in some cities in United States where people with mental illness and addiction from abuse are cautioned to use it in the right manner. Individuals suffering from insomnia should take top indica strains for 2020 as prescribed by the doctor since if it is abused it will have long-term adverse side effects to the health of the user. If indica strains are misused, the user will suffer from REM-sleep deprivation thus causing lack of deep sleep. Here are some factors that users should consider before using top indica strains for 2020.

Type of sleep problems: top indica strains for 2020 have calming properties thus making them ideal for individuals with sleep issues. Marijuana use helps in relieving stress and anxiety as well as helping the user to enjoy sleep for long hours. Lack of enough sleep may be as a result of various factors such as anxiety, severe pain, PTSD, depression and health issues among others. Right amount of top indica strains for 2020 will help this trick.

Side effect: before using marijuana, one should been keen to consider its adverse side effects. Adverse side effects of top indica strains for 2020 become noticeable very fast if the substance is consumed in large quantities thus side effects start showing after a prolonged usage. Also, the extent it can affect a user is determined by mode of intake used like smoking or eating it. It is quite confusing to determine the right amount that should be eaten since wrong and excessive usage will cause long-term adverse side effects. There are common side effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth that can be managed is advisable to take lots of water to ensure that the body remains hydrated since this will help to eradicate the chances of being affect by headache or feeling dizzy.

Half-life and onset of action: generally, weed smokers prefer smoking it to induce sleep since they are able to sleep fast, in less than twenty minutes. The effect may run for a short period of time especially when top indica strains for 2020 are taken in smaller quantities. On the other hand, edible marijuana may take longer for it to become effective thus last for a longer period too. Awfully, if users wake up before its effect is depleted; they may feel dizzy and dehydrated. For ultimate solution, it is advisable to take top indica strains for 2020 an hour before sleeping offering deep sleep for the user.

Reasons you should invest in Canada’s top cannabis stocks

Some of the wealthiest people owe their success to their good investment decisions. Most of them have created businesses out of the smallest ideas. This has in-turn provided employment opportunities for people around the globe. When making a decision to invest, you must make sure that it has a high probability of helping other persons realize their dreams in the future. This means that it should not be about your success only. The cannabis industry in Canada is growing at a fast rate due to its legalization. It is a good option if you are seeking a place to invest your money. Below are some reasons you should invest in Canada’s top cannabis stocks:

To save for retirement – you will not be young and energetic forever. A time will come when you may be forced to remain at home. This is probably due to illnesses that come with old age. When this time comes, you will have to cover various expenses especially regarding medical bills. You should, therefore, invest in cannabis stocks, to earn money that will cover your needs on retirement. This way, you won’t lay a financial burden on the shoulders of your loved ones.

To start a business – starting a business is an achievement sought after by many people around the globe. It improves one’s societal status. However, it is an achievement that does not come cheaply. It requires you to come up with a high amount of money. This is because there are very many needs that must be covered for the business to grow and reach maturity. To facilitate this, you can invest your little savings in cannabis stocks. They will increase in value over a certain period making it possible for you to start a business without any financial worries.

To be part of something new – investing in cannabis stocks is not something that people consider. This is because cannabis has in past years led to the downfall of many individuals. However, there is more to it than just causing health issues. Doctors use it to treat their patients especially when they are in a lot of pain. This shows that it can also be used for the greater good. You can, therefore, invest to be part of something that is normally not considered by most people.

To help others – in more ways than one your investment will help other people improve their livelihood. For instance, additional medicinal products availed as a result of your investment will be useful to someone suffering from a certain illness. In addition to this, if you start a business using your investments’ earnings employment opportunities will be created, as stated earlier. This clearly shows that your investment will be beneficial to other people as well.

To obtain financial freedom, you must learn how to make money out of your little savings. There are very many investment opportunities in the world today to choose from. Before making a decision, however, undertake enough research to determine what suits you best.

Factors to consider before investing in some Canada’s top cannabis stocks

To make money, you must make strategic decisions regarding your cash. There is no point in having a lot of money stacked away somewhere if you won’t use it to make more. Owing to this, people all over the world have taken up making investments. There are very many investment opportunities and all you have to do is gain knowledge about them. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in a certain area. What’s most important is understanding the basics of an investment opportunity you wish to seize. The existence of medical cannabis in Canada has resulted in the growth of very many companies. These companies are making a lot of money and they provide opportunities for you to invest. However, before doing so, it is important to look at all issues revolving around the cannabis business. Explained below, therefore, are some factors to consider before investing in Canada’s top cannabis stocks medical cannabis consultation:

Their business description – it is important to identify what type of cannabis these companies are invested in. This is because cannabis can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. Even if most of them deal with medical cannabis, they may have an aspiration to introduce products for recreational purposes. If this is so, you should try to forecast the future sales and profits. This is concerning the companies’ current customers and sales. Doing this will assure you whether or not your company stocks are likely to be more valuable in the future.

The cost incurred to obtain cannabis leaves – this is where you determine whether or not these companies grow their own cannabis. If so, how much does it cost them to grow it? For any business to thrive, the cost of production must be kept as low as possible. This will allow business owners to charge low prices for their products. The same applies to cannabis companies. However, the low cost of production should not compromise on the cannabis quality availed.

Black market existence – the black market is comprised of dealers who sell cannabis illegally. Most users opt for these dealers due to some benefits that arise from them. For instance, their cannabis is cheap because they don’t pay taxes to the government. Additionally, they can supply illegal cannabis even in areas where licensed shops are not located. This means that they are easily available. You should consider this especially if your desired company has an aim to add recreational cannabis into their product line.

Current customer base – for a business to thrive, customers must be attracted to all possible areas. This means that a lot of marketing strategies must be put in place. You should consider a rough estimate of the customers that these companies can attract. This answers the question of how far their cannabis products go.

All in all, make sure that you have all the facts before investing in top cannabis stocks. Don’t let your money go to waste by investing in a company whose future is not assured.