Cannabis concerns for teens brains


The rampant legalization of cannabis use by various nations around the globe, with the help of medicinal marijuana activist, has lead to even higher abuse of the drug by the youths. Teens nowadays can get drugs easily than way back and in various manners more so the recreational ones. It is no longer a secret that cannabis use causes harmful consequences to an individual brain. The use of it by teens has even risen than the use of alcohol itself. These have now brought in a lot of questions by the community at large as to whether the beneficial facts of cannabis outweigh its effects. Researchers have many concerns with the effects that cannabis use causes on the teen’s brains. At this stage, the teen brain is developing, and the use of cannabis can hinder the process.

The more the teen uses cannabis, the worse the type of problem. When it comes to brain marijuana affect skills, memory, attention, and teen behavior. All these results in poor learning, school drop out, become antisocial acting wired and paying less attention to things around them. This not only affects their future but can even bring harm to the people around them. Various organizations have been making awareness of the effects of cannabis use on our health, but the effects are yet to be seen.

The latest studies show that the cannabinoids that our nerve cell manufactures plays an important role in wiring the brain more so during teen stages and prenatally. This has been known to regulate one’s sleep, emotions, sleep, movement, and appetite. At the adolescent stage, huge endocannabinoids concentration changes are expected, and the use of cannabis hinders this process. It’s high time to sort this issue out before the whole generation is swept out.

It’s Cristal clear now with the brain scans that cannabis use affects the brain. The regular marijuana user brain scans show some structural changes in grey matter in the brain hence suggesting its abnormalities. The result of this is reducing cognitive function, and the earlier mention poor memory plus the increased mood signs. All these changes have been seen in the teen’s scans who are not related to any medical conditions, disabilities associated with learning, development delays, and exposure to prenatal drugs how to buy weed online in Canada These findings are not in any way trying to hinder the legalization of these drugs but rather highlighting the need to come up with measures to lessen its effects.

Things that one should note it’s the fact that marijuana doesn’t in any way discriminate anyone as it cut across all aspect of life be it the poor or the rich. The other one is the fact that marijuana has side effects be it beneficial or harmful to your health; it’s up to an individual to determine.


A lot has been said in regards to the relationship between cannabis use and the brain but more need to be done to balance the equation of its pro and con. In this era, the advise our teens should know is that cannabis is detrimental to their brain development, and one should avoid using it at all costs.