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Lions Mane Mushroom for depression and anxiety relief

Health Benefits of Lions Mane Mushroom to Human Beings 

Lions mane mushroom scientifically known as hericium erinaceus which belong to the fungi group. They are described as globe-shaped and white in color. They have been linked with sea food taste by a great percentage of those that consume them. These mushrooms can be taken in form of supplements or eaten as they serve as both medicinal or culinary purposes. Having discussed what it is let’s concentrate on the health benefits of lions mane mushrooms. 

Protection against dementia 

Generally, the ability of a human being to grow declines as we advance in age hence our mental functionality declines as we grow older. Lions mane mushroom contains two key components that can simulate brain cells growth. Though the study has been done on animals, more research on humans is necessary. 

Depression and anxiety relief 

The society today is more prone to depression with research showing that up to a quarter of our population today are suffering from depression or have suffered at one point in their life. One of the health benefits of lions mane mushroom is that its extract aids in reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms due to it anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the extracts also boost the regeneration of human brain cells. 

Protection against ulcers 

The extracts prevent the growth of ulcer causing bacteria also protecting the stomach lining from getting damaged. The extracts also according to different researches though done on animals it has shown tremendous benefits in reducing tissue damages and inflammation in the intestine. The health benefits of lions mane mushroom has been found effective to tackle alcohol induced ulcers in different research. 

Protection against heart disease risks 

Large cholesterol amounts, obesity and also the occurrence of blood clots in our bodies are the key factors that puts every human at risks of suffering a heart disease. Various studies point out at increased metabolism and also prevent cholesterol oxidation in our bloodstream. Hericenone B which is a compound found in lions mane mushroom was found to reduce blood clotting. 

Boosts our immune system 

The extracts found in lions mane mushrooms boosts the immunity in the intestines hence protecting the human body from all external threats that enter our bodies through the nose or mouth. With strong immunity the human body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses is increased. 


The benefits of lions mane mushroom extract have been studied and researched upon by different institutions and all have turned positively and proven to be effective on different health issues. The research and studies conducted over years tested on animals and showing positive results may need to be tested on humans for more clarification. 

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