Liposuction; this is a mode by which a lot of fats are removed from various body parts through surgical operation. There are some parts of the body like abdomen, thigh, hips, neck, arms as well as buttocks that needs to be drained from excess fats through suction technique. 

The guidelines are quite necessary to follow in order to carry out an outstanding operation to drain excess fats from some body parts. This practice is important for the body as it enhances shapes the body. This surgery takes approximately 1-2hourrs depending on the area of application to be completed even though it may take several days to recover. 

There different techniques involve; 

Tumescent; its where some litters get pumped underneath the skin and fats get drained. The litters are made up of saline solution as well as vessel constrictor. The saline solution is made up of local anesthetic by the name lidocaine. 

Ultrasound assisted; result into melting away of fat when they come into contact. 

The ultrasound is used to burst the fatty cell wall through its vibration. 

The fat can be drained since it results into emulsification of the fats. 

Power assisted; the surgeon is able to pull the fats very easily as it moves forth and back while using canula mechanization system. 

Laser assisted; uses tumescent fluid. 

The heat and laser energy are delivered by a small tube that is inserted through the incision. 

The fluids or fats underneath the skin are drained. 

The incision is left open so as to allow the fluids to continue flowing. 

Dry method; it encourages no use of fluids to drain the fat from body parts.  

The Guidelines 

Hitting of goal weight 

It would be important to lose some weight beforehand. Even though it’s a process that helps an individual lose weight, it is important to try reduce some fats. 

Stop smoking 

For individuals who smoke, its advisable to cease from smoking as nicotine often constrict the blood vessel thus resulting into decrease in rate of blood flow. 

Take a healthy diet 

This will boost the healing process. Instead of taking long to recover, it will only require some few days and one is healed completely. Most food preferred are the once with antioxidants and high-water content. 

The blood workup 

This will help to determine if an individual could undergo safe anesthesia or not. 

Stop certain medication 

There are some drugs that would be advisable that you cease from taking. These drugs may includes aspirin and blood thinners since they decreases the rate of blood flow in  the body. Herbal medication would increase the rate of blood flow resulting into other complications like anemia. 

Arrange for your driver 

This is an individual who will drive you home after the practice.  This would prevent excess blood flow from the area of application. 


It is important to prepare adequately prior to liposuction so as not to encounter various complications afterward. The practice indeed is a heathy exercise and comes in different techniques that may suit different individuals. 

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